3DK is a diverse company.

We have many interests and this is one of our stranger but real endeavors. Click on one of the links below to see the flight of our antigravity device. Yes, its real. (And does it hurt to get shocked by it! 40,000 volts!) Don't try this at home. (Sure sure.)

Is it real? Does it fly? Yes, and yes! Three movies to view. The first two are of what we call a single cell flyer. The second shows a larger unit composed of four cells. It has much more lift than the single unit. How does it work? I have no idea. Really. Is it anti gravity? Magic? Slight of hand? No, its real. Honest!!

What it is: Very thin tinfoil wrapped around a balsa wood frame powered by 40,000 volts of AC or DC current. Apply voltage and this little thing flies up with power! Click and see for yourself!


3.5MegSingleCell       13.5MegSingleCell        15.5Meg4Cell