Everybody wants to stand out and be different.

No one wishes to be normal, or fit into society, yet as everyone does this they all conform in their uncomformity. Strange, isn't it?

So now you ask, '3DK, how can you claim to be different?'

We don't claim to be anything but ourselves really. This is us, no act, no charade, nothing. What you see is us.

Please feel free to look around and explore. Maybe you'll find something funny enough to make you laugh and enjoy life.




Check out Ninja Chaos V on Youtube!

Hall of Light has an online Amiga database of games and they thoughtfully included 3DK's game; Schelober's Quest for a Babe. Check it out here! View detailed information, screen shots, box scans and even disk scans! We are releasing this game to the public, free for use on the Amiga and Amiga emulators. Long live the 147K belch!

Recently picked up an Amiga 4000 and we're finding all sorts of stuff that was never released with the game. Updated graphics, monsters, maps, puzzles! We're working on a release of the game but need a copy of F-basic (version 2) to recompile =( Anyone have one??