Who we are.

Dave Boelema

Probably the strangest of the group, Dave B tends to be wild and untamed. Not afraid of the camera, he seems to bask in the warm glow of the dimming camcorder light till the battery just gives up and dies.

Dave Huang

Talent, you can't deny it. Dave H is good with his hands and creates some rather impressive art in almost anything he does. From video game graphics to editing video tape to hammered out vessels of copper, artistry simply flows.

Dave Timmer

What does this button do? What if I connect this to that? Questions often heard around Dave T. He's the guy who makes things work. Never mind they aren't supposed to work that way; they just do.


Okay, there's something missing. Where does the K come from? Frankly it's a long story and I'm just not up to telling you about it. So lets say it stands for Khaos?